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Sapphire Pyro
10 September
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~@ ABOUT @~
Sapphire Pyro is a Filipino with Chinese and Spanish blood that is currently residing in the Philippines. Being born on the 10th day of September, she's proud of her birthstone and zodiac signs. Though she's no longer in her teens, her mind is still of a ten-year-old's.

~@ LOOKS @~
This woman looks older than her actual age, much to her dismay. She isn't 100% female because some of her mannerisms are boyish and at times she wears guy clothes. Skirts, dresses, and heeled shoes bring her nothing but discomfort; while fancy jewelries and accessories always bring her delight. She often ties her hair, because she might be casted for a horror movie if she leaves her hair alone. Being near sighted, she wears eyeglasses most of the time. She's only not blind when reading or infront of the computer. Overall, she doesn't really care about her looks, so having an ugly skin and lots of fats didn't matter to her. She admits that she had tried her best to do dieting though, but it wasn't because she wants to be pretty, it's only because she wants to be lighter when she goes horseback riding.

She is very sensitive to age, so don't ask about it unless you want to see her flood a city with tears. Her tastes vary so much that she had become a fan of various things. Her hobbies include drawing, reading, watching shows/movies, and hanging out with loved ones. It is not difficult to please and entertain her, and it's not that easy to make her too angry or infuriated either. Annoyed and frustrated is a different issue, but she doesn't like making enemies.

You could communicate with her through livejournal, MyAnimeList, e-mail, or instant messengers. Posting replies or sending a PM will be sufficient to keep in touch with her. She's been hanging out at MyAnimeList quite often lately, so if you have accounts there, you could contact her through there as well. You could also e-mail her if you're not a member of any of those communities. Though she's not online in instant messengers that often, she does chat when she needs to or if she feels like it. She has an account on MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger but you need to contact her via other means to know her accounts on those messengers. It annoys her when too many random people suddenly ask to be her friend there.


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