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Whoa... I haven't posted in LJ for a long time. Aside from laziness, I think the frequent LJ downtimes, the troll commentors, and the virus issue are partly to blame. LJ hadn't been that enjoyable to use as much as before, or not as addicting at least.

I miss my friends over here though, and I don't want to lose the LJ way of communicating and being updated with you guys, so I'll stick around with this account. (I don't know if much of my LJ friends has missed me... I've noticed several people un-friending me, ahaha. I understand, this account's pretty inactive and I seem dead, haha.)

But I don't think I could be active here as much as before (I used to post here almost everyday xD). I don't have much to say on my personal life, so I think twitter would do. As for blogging, well, I'm still addicted to talking about my fandom, but I'm doing that at Daydream Sanctuary instead. It's more convenient for me to post over at Blogger.

And oh, since it's "that time of the year again", I still did one for this year, but at DS instead. I suppose that's my way of celebrating my own birthday... which is by going emo about it.

I'm so pathetic.

Okay, I'll go back to crying.... until Saturday.



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7. Sep 2011 18:54 (UTC)
I miss you Sapphire-chan TwT. I don't want that you cry ;_; *hugs* you're a good person TwT,it's difficult to me write in english but i'm so glad that understand all the entries that you write.If you had a bad day, don't permit that this catch you, always you can find a light in the darkness. Have a happy B-day and not depressed about them ;_; (not like me that have 26 years xD.I love you

See you

14. Sep 2011 13:19 (UTC)
I miss you too *hugs back*

I'm so happy that you can understand my english even though I have so many typographical errors. I think your english is good ^^
8. Sep 2011 00:48 (UTC)
oh ;____________;
I've been somewhat inactive here too and i'm missing a lot, from you too. Sorry for not being here as much as before ;_____;
Have a happy birthday, and if you wanted to cry, let's cry together, okay? I can cry till Saturday with you :')
14. Sep 2011 13:29 (UTC)
Looks like we're in a similar situation.

No need to apologize. Saturday's already over though, so instead of crying, let's hug instead. *HUGGLES*
8. Sep 2011 01:36 (UTC)
Sapphy! I haven't heard your "Ohohohohohoho" in ages.

I have a Masters now and rocked out in a play earlier this year (got a good write-up in the newspaper even).
14. Sep 2011 13:37 (UTC)
Reminds me that I haven't laughed like that for a while... I've been overusing "LOLz" instead, haha.

Thanks for the update. That sounds awesome! What play? *_*
15. Sep 2011 03:10 (UTC)
The Imaginary Invalid. It's about a hypercondriac (guy who thinks they're sick all the time but is actually healthy). Basically the old guy wanted his daughter to marry a doctor (me) to save on medical bills. Except that my character was pretty much the Worst Person Ever. He was extremely stupid so played him in a really cocky way -- basically, "someone who doesn't know they're a complete idiot". Maybe a bit like Romano in Hetalia?

Right now I'm playing the lead in a local production of The Mousetrap (Agatha Christie play famous for being the longest running in history). I'm the detective, but the twist at the end is that I'm also a crazy killer -- gasp!
8. Sep 2011 21:08 (UTC)
I HAVE MISSED YOU,DEAR!!!!;__________; *HUGS*

Awh,don't be sad dear...I wish you a happy Birthday,I hope you'll enjoy it this year! *HUGS TIGHT*
14. Sep 2011 13:38 (UTC)
ME TOO!!!!!! ;_________; *HUGS BACK*

I hope you had a very happy birthday as well. *HUGS TIGHTER*
9. Sep 2011 22:09 (UTC)
Happy birthday! :))
11. Sep 2011 18:13 (UTC)
Belated Happy Birthday!

I don't log-in and post in LJ as much as I did before, but yeah...
14. Sep 2011 13:39 (UTC)
Thank you!

Looks like I'm not alone on being inactive here recently >_
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