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I am actually facing many problems lately . . . in family, friends, and academics.

Sigh. . . but I can't involve my problem with family to school and vice versa and same with friends ^^; ugghh . . . must control  x_X

The weight of those problems are actually pretty heavy. I have exploded . . . inside. But I tried my best to remain my calm in the outside, and was pretty successful. 'coz if not I'll be punching somebody already.

And surprisingly . . . though the problems now are heavier than usual . . . I was able to recover and control it fine. Probably I was already prepared for them . . .or already used to them.

So I'm pretty much okay now. I can answer calmly and smile even if my head's filled with the problems I'm currently facing.

To take advantage of that state, I continued to do my part for the business case study to be submitted tomorrow. I was online at Yahoo messenger in case there are important messages. My status was something like this: " I am actually NOT okay. Don't be stupid enough to ask me if I'm okay. Please pm only important messages. If not, consider yourself CRUSHED. I'm falling from a cliff. I need a savior" then beside it was a busy icon.

Later . . . I got a message saying: "Why did you go home late?"<-- OBVIOUSLY because of school. but actually I arrived home around 6:30 pm. Just slept after helping out my bro, the dinner, then internet. Does being late in going online follow that I was also late in arriving home? Geez! I also have a life besides online life ya know!

Another says: "Please join conference." <-- from a High school schoolmate who is not really close to me and I doubt anything relevant will be discussed like the previous conferences we had. T_T AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I have classes but they don't so be considerate damnit!

Another says: "Are you busy?"<-- SO FREAKIN' OBVIOUS!!! with that stats and icon?? OFCOURSE!!!!!! you may not trust the icon but trust the stats!!!!!

And yet another says: "When will you not be busy?"<--- GAAAAHHH! CAN'T THIS BE ASKED SOME OTHER TIME????? You're starting an unimportant conversation!!!!


It's true that my busy icons are sometimes not true ^^; . . . .but the status is true!!! T_T CAN'T THEY FREAKIN' READ????? AND THEIR QUESTIONS ARE SO FREAKIN' OBVIOUS AND TOTALLY NOT WORTHY TO ASK TO A BUSY PERSON!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad nobody asked "Are you okay?" 'Coz that would be worth killing T_T 

I'll also be angrier if someone has ranted to me about his life or problems. SHEESH! LIKE YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS PROBLEMS!!!!! I lend my ear to listen to other people's problems because I'm concerned and am willing to help . . . BUT NOT WHEN I'M IN THIS STATE!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not everyone who pmed me was like that though but to the annoying ones . . . GGRRRAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD SHUT UP!!!!!!!! I don't hate them but sending me such stupid questions make me curse them!!!!! GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I was cursing when I saw those messages. Thanks to them . . . . my work was interrupted (it's okay to interrupt if it's an emergency to you, like asking me something about a project due very soon or asking help, but I don't consider those darn messages emergency!!!! If someone's busy, don't ask the obvious!!!!!) though I'm already done with my part for the document to be submitted tomorrow (It's a group work) . . . .I can't sleep because I'm so annoyed!!!! And it's now like 3 am and my class is around 9 am and we have an exam on our 2nd class and . . . GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS FOR RUINING MY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T I HATE it when people ruin my mood T_T har har har

but sigh . . . maybe I'm overreacting over a simple thing. When I was in the process of calming down, I realized that to what I'm angry about isn't really a big deal compare to my problems . . . .but still . . .

^TRH#ORHFIU#WNFCUIDSOJHV VHUOE*U$&%Y$%#R%&#%#*T%%%$##@@@*(**&^%^%%^^^%%SDRD$%W$DE$W

T_T They are serving as triggers for me to explode!!!! T_T I dunno anymore . . .I don't care anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for ranting uneccessary stuff. I feel like getting angry over a stupid thing. Probably because I've got so many things in my head. I hope I'll be okay tomorrow once I get to sleep. haaaaayyy . . ..



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20. Mär 2007 19:50 (UTC)
*get blown away and holds on tight to a post while her body flutters effortlessly in the wind*

OMG. Calm down yo. But yeah, I admit, I sometimes have the same feeling when people IGNORE MY STATUS and just go on buzzing me. I mean, what the duck, that's what STATUSES are for! I feel the 'Busy' status has no use in the world anymore. Might as well just close the YM window and sign out. (BUT nuuuu, there might be important messages...)

GUH. People can be so inconsiderate, ignorant and blind these days.

OMG I'm awake at 3 AM TOO! I have to be studying for our Finals but.. I have no idea why I don't feel like it... *sigh*

Good luck in everything!
20. Mär 2007 20:39 (UTC)
Ouch. That sure sucks. Man, I totally know, how that feels. My family and so-called-friends are such bitches at times. I absolutely hate when people ask such questions "Are you okey?". If they see a moody human and not wanting to talk to anyone, why ask? THAT'S SO OBVIOUS.

*hugs* Calm down, dear. It'll end soon. I believe that you will succeed in PWNing everybody. Conan-kun believes in you too, see? *points at icon*
23. Mär 2007 00:11 (UTC)
i hate annoying people to especially when i am SO sleepy!!!!! why do they have to ask annoying questions!!!!!!!!! f*@#$% annoying people!!!!!!
23. Mär 2007 00:13 (UTC)
i hate annoying people to especially when i am SO sleepy!!!!! why do they have to ask annoying questions!!!!!!!!! f*~$ annoying people!!!!!!
23. Mär 2007 03:28 (UTC)
your whining is annoying too
23. Mär 2007 17:37 (UTC)
Re: annoying
what the duck. shoo shoo pointless loser.

i mean, it's a vent off rant, whaddya expect? DOI.
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